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About Us

Company Background

Darul Andalus Pte Ltd (DAPL) was incorporated on 31st October 2000. The principal activities and core competency of Darul Andalus is in the publication and distribution of quality books. The company publishes educational materials for preschool, primary ,secondary and post-secondary level as well as story books, dictionaries and the like.

In addition, Darul Andalus also sources for books from other publishers which make up its consumer books collection in entirety. Darul Andalus’ clients include educational institutions, private education providers and organisations in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. It has plans to expand to other countries in East Asia as well as Middle East and Europe.

Vision and Mission

Vision: A renowned publisher and distributor that catalyses the acquisition of knowledge towards a better understanding of Islam.

Mission: In pursuit of excellence as a recognised publisher and distributor of quality books on Islam and other educational materials, exceeding our customers' expectations.

Corporate Values

  1. Customer Focus: We commit ourselves to consistently meet or exceed the expectations of our valued customers and stakeholders. We will gain their trust to develop long-term relationships and mutual respect for one another.

  2. Human Resource Development: We strive to create a supportive and respectful working environment that is meaningful and challenging, while providing opportunities for every employee to optimise their potential.

  3. Teamwork: We value and promote teamwork and cooperation among ourselves, as well as continuous and active collaborations with all our stakeholders.

  4. Creativity and Innovation: We encourage creativity and innovation within ourselves, towards enhancing the quality and range of our products and services.

  5. Integrity: We adhere to high ethical standards and professionalism in all dealings with our stakeholders.

Our Departments

Research & Development Department

This department is responsible for the production and publication of educational books and materials, which involves writing, editing, proofreading, typesetting, designing, illustrating, translating, etc. The editorial team regularly liaises and collaborates with the education department of Andalus & Cordova and also external parties, professionals and consultants to ensure the production of quality books.

DAPL publications can be divided into 2 categories; ie. textbook and non-textbook. Our textbooks are mainly used by the affiliate companies such as Andalus & Cordova, and also by external parties such as the mosque madrasahs, private institutions & organisations. The textbooks range from preschool level to post-secondary level. The non-textbook publications include children story books, dictionaries & al-Quran.

Sales & Marketing Department

This department is involved in promoting Darul Andalus publications (textbook and non-textbook) and also other publications (mainly from Malaysia and Indonesia). Darul Andalus also supplies its books to local and international distributors and book-sellers.

Besides promoting its own publications, Darul Andalus also expand its networking and make collaborations with other publishers, distributors, authors, graphic designers, software developers, etc.

Acquisition, Printing & Distribution Department

This department is responsible for the acquisition and purchasing of new book titles (both local and international), managing the company inventory, sourcing out for affordable and quality printing quotations for DAPL publications, consolidating book orders, packing of books for internal and external customers, and liaising with couriers for scheduled delivery.

The department liaises with external vendors, among them are the POS system (Point of Sales), where the inventory is occasionally updated and monitored. The department also works closely with its affiliate companies, mainly Andalus and Cordova, during their year-end book sales to parents/students.

Finance, Human Resource & Administration Department

The Finance Department serves as a check and balance system to ensure that the company is doing well and earning profits. It consistently produces the annual budget, monthly finance reports and reviews the cash flow from time to time. Financial analysis is also conducted to understand te financial status of the company and to make appropriate recommendations for the other departments.

The Human Resource and Admin Department looks into liaising/coordinating training programmes for the staff, application of training grants, monitoring staff attendance and leave applications, and other general duties.