Guideline for Andalus, Cordova and Al-Zuhri students: Click Create Account (for new customers) or Login (for existing customers). Then click the Student's Package tab (Andalus / Cordova / Al-Zuhri) for books/uniform purchase. For more details, please view student booklist (Andalus or Cordova) / infographic / video.

Payment Guide


It is strongly recommended to make payments at this portal via PayNow, PayPal or eNETS QR.

Payments via eNETS Debit / Credit are not recommended due to ‘browser pop-up’ and ibanking token issues.

General Requirements

For a smooth purchasing experience, please take note of the following:

  • For users who are making payment using DBS / POSB banks, please ensure that you have your digital (ibanking) token ready to authenticate your transaction.
  • Disable the ‘pop-up blocker’ on your internet browser, or selectively disable for the bank that is being used.
  • You may follow the instructions from eNETS here.

Additional Information

To avoid any errors during the payment process, please take note of the following:

  • Do Not refresh the payment page.
  • Do Not press the ‘back’ or ‘forward’ buttons on the internet browser.
  • Do Not press the backspace key on the keyboard.

Payment FAQs

Please view the general guide and FAQs for the different modes of of payment: