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Student Booklist & Uniform 2023

Booklist for Andalus & Cordova

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Uniform Size Chart for Andalus 

Measurement for Uniforms


Shoulder / Bahu
The length between shoulders.

Chest / Dada
The length between the stitches below the armpits.

Shirt Length / Panjang Baju
The length is measured from the side of the neckline to the hem.

Sleeve Length / Panjang Lengan
The length between the tip of the shoulder to the opening of the sleeve.

Waist / Pinggang
The measurement of the waist part of the pants.

Pants Length / Panjang Seluar
The length measured between the top of the waist-band and the leg opening.

Face Opening / Permukaan Muka
The measurement of the opening for the face.

Width / Lebar
The measurement from the tip of the scarf forehead till the front hem.

Length / Panjang
The measurement from the tip of the scarf forehead till the back hem.